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Mt. Washington, KY

Our Car Wash Packages

The Car Wash Company has the wash club package to fit your car’s needs.

Located in Kentucky, The Car Wash Company insures that you get the best clean inside and out!

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Single Wash
$45.00mo.monthly wash club
  • • Advanced Layering Process
  • • Longer Lasting Shine

Total Protection

single wash
$39.00mo.monthly wash club

Wheel Deal

single wash
$29.00mo.monthly wash club

Basic Plus


single wash
$20.00mo.monthly wash club
  • Clean
  • Vortex Dry

Package Details


A durable shield with water repellency and lasting shine.
total guard

Total Guard

Give your car the ultimate clean with Total Protection, which includes Total Bath, Total Prime, Total Rinse and Total Seal.
hot wax

Hot Wax & Shine

Our Hot Wax is applied evenly to your vehicle protecting your paint and bringing out its shine.
tire shine

Tire Shine

Our Tire Shine is designed to make your tires look brand new!
rain repellent

Rain Repellent

Improve visibility by repelling water with our Rain Repellent.
bug prep

Bug Prep

Bugs stuck to your vehicle? Loosen them up and protect the paint with our Bug Prep.
undercarriage wash

Undercarriage Wash

Our Undercarriage Wash protects your vehicle’s undercarriage from corrosion.
triple conditioner

Triple Conditioner

Remove grim and break up dirt with our Triple Conditioner foam.
vortex dry

Vortex Dry

Your vehicle comes out of the wash completely dry thanks to our Vortex Dry.


Wash as often as you would
like for less than 2 washes!

● Cancel your plan at any time
● Simplified monthly billing
● Special pricing for members only
● FREE Vacuums

Prices starting at $20 a month!

Purchase a washbook today!



Prices starting at $44!

Gift a Wash

Let The Car Wash Company care for that special someone’s car. Nothing says you care more than the gift of a clean car.